I just launched my first Android based video game, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.redcricket.malfunction.android

It’s free so why not download it and have some fun!

I have been adding new audio books and Old Time Radio Show Apps to my Google play store. Please have a look!

If you want a particular audio book or old time radio show, please post a comment or email me at red.cricket.blog@gmail.com.

Thanks for dropping by!




23 thoughts on “About

  1. ksibert says:

    Frontier Gentleman, Chandu the magician, Ellery Queen, Tarzan otr show, Let George do it, Nero Wolfe OTR. Any OTR is good and more people will give it a try the more it is available.

    • Thanks ksibert! I will try and get those apps built out. I can manage about 3 or 4 apps a night as I am doing this part time. Thank you for your suggestions that really helps me focus on what people want. I already Nero Wolf out there and you are the second person to ask for The Whisperer.

  2. Carol Baker says:

    Not a comment. I need help understanding why I cannot download any of your apps (radio shows). Using samsung galaxy s4 and I have enough memory on device and sd card. What might be the problem? Thanks.

    • What error messages are you getting?
      If you are getting the “could not be downloaded due to an error. (498). You need to free up some space on your device. If you get some other error message … something about ‘not purchases’ you may need to power off and the power on your device. Good luck!

  3. Constantine Kalis says:

    Can you app be moved to an SD card? I tried but it is greyed out. I run around 80%nof my apps from there. Thanks

    • Thanks for contacting me. 🙂 I suspect you want to move the OBB file.
      When the app installs on my phone the OBB file gets placed
      in the /mnt/sdcard/Android/obb/com.redcricket/<APP NAME>
      directory. And that is where the apps expects to find its OBB
      file. So as long you keep that path intact I do not think
      you should have any trouble.

      • Lester Mischke says:

        I’ve purchased several volumes of CBSRMT. All volumes were downloaded, by default, to the main memory of my phone, an LG G4. I’d greatly prefer to have the apps in my microsd card. I move one volume (#20) to the card in the phone. When accessing the file on the card, to the folder labeled: storage/external_SD/Android/obb/com.sgn.papdapop.gp. The file I moved is labeled: com.redcricket.CbsRadioMysteyTreaterBNRV@_0951_1000.obb. When I try to use the file, I get an error meesage saying “file type not supported.” On my G$’s app page, when I press the on the screen for the aforementioned app, I get a message saying “Download failed because you may not have purchased the app.”

        Is there any workaround or fix I can do so that I can store the various volumes on my card. I’d like to get all volumes, including potential future releases, but I’m afraid that they will consume too much of my main memory.

        Thanks for your help.

  4. al says:

    Along the lines of “South” another great book is called ” Sufferings in Africa” written in early 1800s. A true adventure written by a merchant captain who ship wrecked on the coast of Africa, he and crew were captured by Bedouin tribesmen, became slaves, and endured their captivity in a journey with the Bedouin tribe across the sahara. Amazing tale of survival and of the Bedouin culture during that era.

  5. Jerry says:

    I just use got vol. 20 of CBSRMT. Do you have more episodes? I have quite a few from being on the Yahoo Group few years back but some are not the highest quality. Plus this vol, while great doesn’t have my most favorites. If you want a great one listen to “The White Wolf” late at night in the dark, alone…..no “pleasant. ….dreams” available there.

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