The Lone Ranger Old Time Radio Program Volume #1

“The Lone Ranger Old Time Radio Program” Android App!

The Lone Ranger is a fictional character: a masked ex-Texas Ranger who, with his Indian friend Tonto, fights injustice in the American Old West. The character has become an enduring icon of American culture. The Lone Ranger Radio Program first aired in 1933. The show proved to be a hit. The title character was played on radio by George Seaton, Earle Graser, and most memorably Brace Beemer.

“Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!” … “Who was that masked man, anyway?”

  • Medicine Rock
  • The Lone Ranger Finds Silver
  • Finding Silver
  • Crooked Banker and Sheriff
  • The Forest Fire – Pt 3
  • Crooked Banker and Sheriff
  • Silver Mine Surprise
  • Abilene Horse Thieves
  • Theft of Silver epaka Abilene Horse Theives
  • Horse Theives Steal Silver
  • Contraband Liquor
  • The Apache Kid
  • Jim Murdocks Mine
  • Amos Franklyn Sheepherder
  • Pitfall Trap
  • Coming of Age
  • Revenge for Mendoza
  • Faked Bank Robbery
  • Night Stage to Dalton
  • The Raiders
  • Reward Money
  • King of the Country
  • The Price of Wool
  • Murder of Pony Express Rider
  • A Toll in Cattle
  • Trap for a Gambler
  • Train Wreck Plot
  • Mine Claim Scheme
  • Bart Colt Gang
  • Kidnaped Boy
  • Ammunition for the Indians
  • Framed for Murder
  • New Fangled Justice
  • No Worse Enemy
  • The Man Least Suspected
  • Confederate Money
  • Buffalo Salvation
  • The Word of a Soldier
  • Border Rustlers
  • The Rosalinda Mine
  • Oil Lease Swindle
  • A Woman in Hacksaw
  • The Silver Spur
  • The Ranger Impersonates
  • The Clue of the Lazy Y
  • Snake Oil
  • The Banker Reforms
  • Gunning for the Sheriff
  • Food For Valley Center
  • A Deal For Soldiers
  • Three Against Geronimo
  • The Secret Land
  • When the Blind See
  • Half a Claim
  • The Wrong Pete Lorenzo
  • Signed Confession
  • The Horse with the Cross- J Brand
  • The Crawford Sisters
  • The Town With No Guns
  • Mortgage on Wheat
  • Branded a Coward
  • The Package
  • Women of the Wagon Train
  • Blame the Lone Ranger
  • Guilty Knowledge
  • Four Day Ride
  • Conspiracy for Revenge
  • The Incriminating Letter
  • The Treasure Trtove Mine
  • Red Stevens Held for Ransom
  • Election at Buffalo Point
  • Crooked Sheriff
  • Medicine Mans Treachery
  • Siege of Fort Mason
  • Jailed for Rustling
  • Stolen Diamond
  • Land for the Railroad
  • Border Dope Smuggling
  • Forgotten Laws
  • The Little Red Schoolhouse
  • Caught Red- Handed
  • Reward Notice
  • Water Rights
  • The Trust of Barnaby
  • A Bullet For Tonto
  • Bad Water
  • Moccasin Prints
  • Gold Mine Boundary
  • Mortgage Payment Due
  • Trouble at Fort Gardner
  • A Second Chance
  • Water For Cows and Sheep
  • Red Barber Helps the Lampsons
  • Canyon of Danger
  • Wagon Train Survivor
  • Andys Mule
  • A False Story
  • Children of the West
  • Indian Agent Kidnapped
  • The Deserter
  • A Nester Accused
  • Hard of Hearing
  • Railroad Bridge
  • Trouble at the Cooley Ranch
  • Sheriff Vic
  • The Vigilantes
  • Deputy To Be
  • A Spainards Pride
  • Campain of Unrest
  • The Blue Star Mine
  • Stage Robbery Evidence
  • The Hawk
  • Almost A Man
  • The Origin Of Tonto
  • Tresle Of Death
  • Manhunt
  • Arizonas Dog

    The Android App “The Lone Ranger Old Time Radio Program Volume #1” is a full featured media player with:

  • Selectable Table of Contents to allow to jump to the start of any of the chapters.
  • Adjustable Progress Bar to allow to jump to any spot in the current playing chapter
  • Previous Chapter Button
  • Rewind Button
  • Play / Pause Button
  • Fast Forward Button
  • Next Chapter Button

    The “The Lone Ranger Old Time Radio Program Volume #1” App will not use up your data plan’s minutes by downloading the audio files (mp3) over and over. You will download load all the data when you install the App. The “The Lone Ranger Old Time Radio Program Volume #1” App works even in airplane mode and in places without Wi-Fi or phone network access! So you can listen to your audio book anywhere anytime! The “The Lone Ranger Old Time Radio Program Volume #1” App automatically pauses when you make or receive a phone call and automatically resumes after the call ends. The “The Lone Ranger Old Time Radio Program Volume #1” App will continue to play until you exit the App or pause the reading so it is perfect for listening in bed, at the gym, or while driving into work.

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